Getting Started

Tri-County Therapy

Provides Speech, Occupational, Feeding, and Physical Therapy across South Carolina

What’s Next?

In order to complete an evaluation, we will need the following:

Your Doctor’s Referral

We will need a referral from your child’s pediatrician or family practitioner. The referral will specify concerns and what discipline the referral is for (speech therapy for articulation delay, occupational therapy for sensory processing delay, physical therapy for gross motor concerns, etc).

  • Referrals can be sent to our fax number: 888-510-9156.
  • We also recommend that you call our office to let us know the referral is on its way, and the type of services you are seeking: 888-510-6369.

Initial Evaluation

Once the doctor’s referral is sent to us, Tri-County Therapy will contact you to schedule an initial evaluation. This initial evaluation will generally be scheduled for an hour per assessment and discipline.

Enrollment & Consent Forms

Our office staff will also send you our enrollment and consent forms, which will allow us to obtain background information and any medical precautions prior to the initial evaluation. These forms can be sent to us in advance, or can be brought to the initial evaluation.

Evaluation & Assessment

Once the evaluation is complete, the therapist will contact you to discuss performance and standard scores achieved on the assessment. She/he will also offer recommendations based on performance. Some insurance plans require a prior-authorization in order to begin therapy, and the therapist will give you a general time-line for when services can begin. Therapy services should begin within 2- 3 weeks of the initial assessment, but can start sooner in some

Fees & Insurance

Tri-County Therapy accepts all forms of insurance. All insurance plans are different, and we do our best to check your child’s eligibility and coverage prior to appointments. At times, Tri-County Therapy is unable to identify whether or not your child’s plan will cover his/her particular diagnosis prior to beginning services. Most insurance plans do have exclusions to plans, and, unfortunately, we no longer are able to rely on eligibility checks to give us accurate information. We will, however, notify you of expected allowable amounts specific to your child’s plan prior to therapy appointments. This allowable amount will be due at the time of service in our offices and will be the most out of pocket you would expect to pay in the case that your child’s plan does not cover therapy. We do file insurance claims for our patients and have an efficient system for keeping this up to date.


BabyNet of SC

Medicaid of SC

Absolute Total Care

Select Health

BlueChoice HealthPlan- Medicaid



 BlueCross BlueShield of SC (all plans)

Blue Choice HealthPlan of SC


United Health Plan


Tricare Standard

Tricare PRIME