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A Passion For Pediatric Therapy

About Tri-County Therapy

Tri-County Therapy, LLC. is a family owned practice that was founded in 2013. We provide job opportunities for over 70 professional therapists and support staff in Charleston, SC and Greenville, SC areas. TCT has already been able to serve over 3500 children and work alongside their families to make sure that every need is met. We provide a service delivery model that makes therapy fun, convenient, feasible, and meaningful.

Our Passion

TCT firmly believes in putting others first, which greatly reflects in the quality of our therapists, team members, and services. Our team has a passion for helping others, particularly in remediation of pediatric developmental delays. We take pride in our company, our services, and our connections with families. TCT will go above and beyond to make sure that your child has every service in place that he/she needs to be the most successful, whether it means TCT providing those services or making additional referrals and recommendations.

Our Company Model

TCT is modeled in a way that best serves the community, as well as provides the highest level of support to all of our employees. We have an amazing group of leaders within our company, including: the Owners, an Office Manager, a Clinical Director, an Occupational Therapy Lead, two Speech Therapy Leads, a Physical Therapy Lead, and an Upstate Director. This level of leadership helps us maintain a high quality of training and support to our employees, as well as offer the time needed to provide screenings, consultations, and support within our community.

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About The Owners

Empowering Others Toward Successful Intervention

We are family owned and operated. Chris and Allison make a fantastic duo! Chris is an engineer and is a whiz with anything technological. He has a way of making things very convenient and efficient and has dedicated countless hours building our rock walls, furniture, swing adaptions, setting up software systems, and more! Allison is a Speech Language Pathologist with a continued education certification in Autism. She is very outgoing and loves to meet new people and establish extended networks of resources. She also loves working with children with special needs and sensory processing delays, Autism in particular.

Together, Chris & Allison are extremely blessed to be the parents of three sweet little boys. Brandon, 6 years old, has a diagnosis of Autism, Asperger’s in particular. Brandon is a Minecraft genius and is expected to do something spectacular one day! Dylan, 5 years old, also has a diagnosis of Autism. Whereas his brother began to make progress at the age of 2, Dylan started to show regression. He previously presented with classic Autism characteristics, but has made significant progress through early intervention programs, ABA Therapy, ST, OT, a terrific preschool, and public school services. Their third little boy, Logan, was born in July, 2017. Chris & Allison feel blessed to have the opportunity to make a difference in the lives of their own children, along with other children in the community. Having been through countless hours of assessments and therapy, Chris & Allison have compassion for those in similar situations and want to do everything they can to make sure children have what they need to succeed.

What Parents Just Like You Are Saying!

  • “Love this place!!! … We are very satisfied with the therapists! They are very nice with kids, and I have seen great progress in my girl's speech since she has been with them."
  • “TCT is THE best place ever! We absolutely love it and Chloe has come such a long way… She will even ask to go there on Saturdays!!! How many kids ask to go on a weekend!?! …Couldn't ask for a better group!!”
  • “My son calls this place the "toy office." He always looks forward to working with his OT. As a special education teacher, I know the importance of good service providers, and these people are fantastic!”
  • “Tri-County Therapy has helped my family so much by bringing us the most awesome OT that I could have ever asked for… She is so knowledgeable, caring, and understanding. She goes above and beyond to help me with my girls and answering my questions. You can really tell that she loves her job and the kids that she works with. My kids always get so excited to see her and can't wait until the next week to see her again. Once again thank you so much for bringing this awesome OT to us.”
  • “Our Therapists … have embraced our son where he was at and moved him to where he needs to be developmentally. They also have trained us to help him. We are excited to see the positive changes in our son as he has gone through this therapy process. Thank you … for their professionalism and compassion in helping our son’s development.”
  • “My son has been going to Tri-County since he was 1 years old, and the entire staff is great and friendly and extremely patient with him. He will be 4 next month and loves every bit of it, and his therapist is awesome! ... Thank you so much for all y'all do!”
  • “They are the best! They work wonders for my son. Keep up the great work!”
  • “We love Tri-County Therapy, LLC! We couldn't have picked a better team. I couldn't be more pleased with the outcome I've seen in my son. They are all knowledgeable and on point with everything. We highly recommend them if you are looking for effective intervention/results.”