Physical Therapy Services

Adaptive Equipment

Adaptive Equipment includes various types of equipment that provide assistance in activities of daily living and instrumental activities of [...]

Balance / Coordination

Balance is the ability to stay in control of your body while remaining upright to stand still and during movement. Coordination involves moving body p [...]

Core Strength

Core strength is worked on by physical therapists for several reasons. Poor posture can stem from a weak core, which can impact overall gross and fine [...]

Gait Analysis and Orthotic Management

A pediatric Physical Therapist specializes in gait analysis to determine possible areas of concern that may be contributing to pain, asymmetries or di [...]

Genetic Conditions

Tri-County Therapy provides physical therapy for a variety of children with delays secondary to a genetic conditions. Genetic conditions can include, [...]

Gross Motor

Gross motor skills are the abilities typically acquired throughout infancy and early childhood as part of a child’s motor development. Gross motor s [...]

Leg Positioning

In-toeing/Out-toeing: A pediatric Physical Therapist often treats child who present with excessive in-toeing or out-toeing during walking. A Physical [...]

Muscle Tone Management

Pediatric Physical Therapists often assess a child’s muscle tone as either “high” muscle tone or “low” muscle tone. A Physical Therapist may [...]

Neurodevelopmental Treatment

Neurodevelopmental treatment (NDT) assessment and techniques are hands on or positioning techniques used by Occupational Therapists to set goals and m [...]

Toe Walking

Toe walking is a common diagnosis that pediatric Physical Therapists may treat. Toe walking may be due to tight heel cords, sensory integration diffic [...]


Torticollis is most commonly seen in infants, and can be caused by trauma to the neck or spine, positioning in utero, reflux, visual dysfunction, or p [...]

Walking, Running, and Jumping

Tri-County Therapy works with children who have difficulty achieving walking, running, and jumping milestones. Most infants begin to walk and take fo [...]

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