Feeding Therapy Services

Drinking / Liquid Consumption

Speech Language Pathologists work on skills necessary for age-appropriate consumption of liquids. Drinking from a bottle, sippy cup, straw or open cup [...]

Food Aversions

Krisi Brackett has provided extensive training in feeding to Tri-County Therapy via the  CAN-EAT Approach©, which utilizes medical, motor, and beha [...]

Medically Fragile Individuals

Our Speech Language Pathologists have experience treating a variety of medically fragile and complex feeding disorders. These include, but are not lim [...]

Oral-Motor Skills

Oral-Motor skills development are critical for feeding and speech sound production. Oral-Motor skills are necessary for movement and coordination of t [...]

Picky Eating

A child is considered a picky eater if he/she only eats a specific texture (for example: only crunchy foods, only pureed textures), eats from only 1-2 [...]

Sensory Motor

Several of Tri-County Therapy's Speech and Occupational Therapists have been trained in the Sequential Oral Sensory (SOS) Approach to feeding disorder [...]