What Are Feeding Disorders?

A feeding disorder is characterized by a child’s refusal to eat certain food groups, textures, solids or liquids, lasting for at least one month. Feeding disorders can causes the child to not gain enough weight along with other developmental delays. Some signs of a feeding disorder in infants and young children are: arching of the body, irritability, refusals, failure to accept different textures, extended length of mealtimes, coughing, wet vocal quality, frequent emesis, recurring pneumonia’s, and lack of weight gain. If your child is experiencing any of the above, he/she may be at risk for: dehydration, poor nutrition, aspiration, or upper respiratory infections.



Birth - 4 Months

Eats 20-32 oz. every 2-4 hours. Feeds should last 30 minutes.

4 - 6 Months

Eats 28-38 oz. every 3-4 hours. Accepts pureed baby cereals, if sitting upright.

6 - 8 Months

Eats 28-32 oz. of liquid. Eats 3-10 tbsp. of fruits and vegetables 1-3x/day. Drinks from a sippy cup

6 - 12 Months

Drinks from an open cup with help. Occasional coughing is normal initially

7 - 9 Months

Begins to accept table foods and chews foods with a munch-chew pattern.

8 - 11 Months

Eats 24-32 oz. Begin to offer a consistent diet (1-2tbsp of rice cereal, ¼ – ½ cup of
fruits/vegetables, 1-2 oz. of proteins. Uses a pincer grasp to pick up table foods.

9 - 15 Months

Drinks from a straw and cup.

11 - 15 Months

Develops a rotary chew

12 Months

Weaned from baby food and bottle. Offer 2% or whole milk

15 - 18 Months

Drinks from an open cup independently and uses utensils to self-feed

24 Months & Up

Can safely eat all foods. Typical Serving Sizes: Fruits and Vegetables – 4 or more servings daily; Fats and Oils – do not limit amount; Dairy Products – 4 servings daily, Meats – 2 servings daily; Breads, Cereals, Starches – 4 or more servings daily

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