Developmental Milestones

A child typically meets developmental milestones at a specific age. A guide to normal childhood development milestones can help you recognize when your child might need professional attention. If your child is not meeting expected milestones, Tri-County Therapy recommends seeking additional information from one of our licensed therapists.


Articulation is how a sound is made using accurate and coordinated movement of the jaw, lips, tongue, teeth, and soft palate. Articulation is also imp [...]


Getting dressed is an activity necessary for daily living. When a child has fine motor difficulties, he/she often has difficulty with the following ta [...]

Expressive / Receptive Language

Receptive language includes a child’s ability to listen to, interpret, and understand symbolic communication. This includes comprehension of spoken [...]

Gross Motor

Gross motor skills are the abilities typically acquired throughout infancy and early childhood as part of a child’s motor development. Gross motor s [...]


Handwriting evolves as a child develops fine motor skills. A child progresses from being able to isolate the index finger and thumb to grasp objects a [...]

Oral-Motor / Feeding

Oral-Motor skills development are critical for feeding and speech sound production. Oral-Motor skills are necessary for movement and coordination of t [...]

Sensory Integration

Sensory Integration is a form of occupational therapy in which special exercises are used to strengthen the patient's sense of touch (tactile), sense [...]

Social Skills

Social skills are innately learned through play and adult/child interaction as a child develops. A child with delayed social skills may present with d [...]

Visual Motor

Visual motor skills involve hand and eye coordination to complete tasks such as copying, drawing, completing patterns, stacking, etc. View Visual Mot [...]

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