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Tri-County Therapy is currently providing speech, feeding, occupational, and physical therapy for the Charleston and Greenville, SC areas. Therapy is offered in a variety of settings, including: the natural environment, homes, preschools, and in our outpatient offices. Our outpatient offices are located in Anderson, Greenville, Charleston, Ladson, and Mount Pleasant.

Our Team

We pride ourselves in having personable, inviting staff at each location. From our office staff, to therapists and management, our care is child centered. Personalized patient care is what sets Tri-County Therapy apart. When you visit one of our locations you can expect to receive world class care. Our expert specialists and caring staff will provide you with an exceptional patient experience.

Tri-County Therapy contact information for children with speech delays in Anderson and Charleston, SC.

What People Are Saying About Us…

  • “Love this place!!! … We are very satisfied with the therapists! They are very nice with kids, and I have seen great progress in my girl's speech since she has been with them."
  • “TCT is THE best place ever! We absolutely love it and Chloe has come such a long way… She will even ask to go there on Saturdays!!! How many kids ask to go on a weekend!?! …Couldn't ask for a better group!!”
  • “My son calls this place the "toy office." He always looks forward to working with his OT. As a special education teacher, I know the importance of good service providers, and these people are fantastic!”
  • “Tri-County Therapy has helped my family so much by bringing us the most awesome OT that I could have ever asked for… She is so knowledgeable, caring, and understanding. She goes above and beyond to help me with my girls and answering my questions. You can really tell that she loves her job and the kids that she works with. My kids always get so excited to see her and can't wait until the next week to see her again. Once again thank you so much for bringing this awesome OT to us.”
  • “Our Therapists … have embraced our son where he was at and moved him to where he needs to be developmentally. They also have trained us to help him. We are excited to see the positive changes in our son as he has gone through this therapy process. Thank you … for their professionalism and compassion in helping our son’s development.”
  • “My son has been going to Tri-County since he was 1 years old, and the entire staff is great and friendly and extremely patient with him. He will be 4 next month and loves every bit of it, and his therapist is awesome! ... Thank you so much for all y'all do!”
  • “They are the best! They work wonders for my son. Keep up the great work!”
  • “We love Tri-County Therapy, LLC! We couldn't have picked a better team. I couldn't be more pleased with the outcome I've seen in my son. They are all knowledgeable and on point with everything. We highly recommend them if you are looking for effective intervention/results.”

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